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SAGE Publishing unveils MentorSpace - a how-to hub for research methods -

Academic publisher SAGE Publishing has announced the launch of MentorSpace, a new free-to-access online community space that allows users to tap into the wisdom of those who have executed a specific aspect of the research process and want to share their knowledge with others. The site is a place for users to connect, share insights, learn from their colleagues, and broaden their professional networks. The site will kick off with a Twitter Ask Me Anything (AMA) on November 14, 2018, featuring Stephanie Evergreen, an internationally recognized data visualisation and design expert.

A resource for undergraduate, graduate, and post-doc students, as well as researchers, instructors, and authors in the social and behavioural research field, MentorSpace content types include: 'Methods in Action'- posts that describe a specific technique or report on particular research efforts that explore the methodology or innovation used; 'What I learned about doing research'- posts that describe the circumstances surrounding a research effort including key obstacles and takeaways; 'What I learned about teaching research'- tips for teaching courses in the methods field; Interviews - posts that examine problem solving in research, focusing on how to critically approach a problem and what steps to use.

MentorSpace is hosted on SAGE's MethodSpace site, a free-entry online community with more than 20,000 registered social and behavioural science researchers. MethodSpace is a convening place for academics and practitioners across all traditions of social science methodology - qualitative, quantitative and combinations of those approaches.

The new hub extends the services offered by MethodSpace, which offers access to blogs, a calendar of events, featured posts about new SAGE textbook content, targeted access to SRM content and SAGE journal articles, and forward-looking content related to big data, Q Step, and other innovative projects.

To kick off the MentorSpace launch, SAGE author and data visualization expert Stephanie Evergreen (@evergreendata) will take part in a Twitter AMA on November 14, 2018, at 1pm ET. Evergreen will answer questions detailing how researchers can best depict their research in arresting, exciting and accurate ways, balancing impact with the guiding principles of good design. Her tips will equally serve the struggling student or the seasoned researcher hoping to share their outputs in a way that maximises understanding and minimises distractions. Those interesting in posing questions can do so live or in advance using #sageXevergreen.

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