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Science Europe launches new Strategy Plan 2021-2026 and Multi-annual Action Plan 2021-2026 -

Science Europe recently launched its new Strategy Plan 2021-2026 that outlines how the Brussels-based association of research funders and performers will drive the development of European Research Area (ERA) policies and build the strongest possible research ecosystem for the benefit of science, researchers, and society. The publication lays out an updated vision, mission, values, and set of strategic priorities.

Science is generating knowledge faster than ever before. Enhanced cross-border collaboration and Open Science facilitates the rapid sharing of data and knowledge. Scientific activity and research methods continuously evolve. The capacity of the R&I system to address complex scientific questions grows ever larger. To adapt to this rapidly changing system, Science Europe’s new vision is to create an ERA with optimal conditions to support robust education, research, and innovation systems where science is a strong and trusted component of sustainable economic, environmental, and societal development.

Science Europe brings together and represents European national research performing organisations (RPOs) and research funding organisations (RFOs). By integrating multinational insights, views and experience it develops strategic thought leadership on European R&I policies and practices that transcend those of its individual members.

A supporting Multi-annual Action Plan describes the framework actions that guide the implementation of the new strategy. It describes mechanisms through which the objectives will be achieved and sets out the creation of Working Groups to engage the membership, foster collaboration, and build expertise on a variety of topics.

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