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ScienceOpen and the IET launch two new collections in the fields of AI and Transport -

ScienceOpen and the IET (The Institution of Engineering and Technology) have launched two featured collections: ‘AI & Robotics’ and ‘Transport Engineering and Technology’ which integrate selected Open Access articles from IET’s peer-reviewed international journals in the ScienceOpen research discovery environment.

With 43 research and letters journals, including over a dozen of gold open access journals, and leading book in energy engineering, the IET is a major publisher in the disciplines of applied science and technology. The IET’s importance for scientific research in these fields is reflected in the diversity of their content in the new Collections on ScienceOpen.

‘AI & Robotics’ comprises articles from the IET’s journals covering this field, including Cognitive Computation and Systems; IET Cyber-Systems and Robotics; CAAI Transactions on Intelligence Technology; IET Smart Cities; IET Quantum Communication; IET Computer Vision; IET Control Theory & Applications; and IET Software. Moreover, the Collection features the interdisciplinary Journal of Engineering and IET Cyber-Physical Systems: Theory & Applications, and journals that cover a research field with a strong AI underpinning, such as IET Smart Grid.

The ‘Transport Engineering and Technology’ Collection highlights publications from the IET Intelligent Transport Systems and IET Electrical Systems in Transportation, and complements them with selected articles from The Journal of Engineering; IET Smart Cities; and IET Cyber-Systems and Robotics.

The Collections promote the content of these journals within the larger context of over 60 million scientific article records on the ScienceOpen platform. ScienceOpen’s customised search engine increases the discoverability of IET publications thanks to the variety of dynamic sorting and filtering tools. On top of being a research discovery hub, ScienceOpen also creates a forum for researcher engagement. Interactive features such as community curation, article reviews, and recommendations open networking opportunities and accelerate a scholarly exchange of ideas.

The new ScienceOpen Collections by the IET features recent scientific advances and increase their accessibility for the global audience with the overarching aim of informing next generations of engineers in the dynamically changing fields of artificial intelligence and of transport.

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