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South East colleges and universities to benefit from Search25, an online catalogue of renowned institutions and specialist collections -

University and research libraries in London and the South East are benefiting from Search25, an online catalogue of world-renowned institutions and specialist collections, as a result of a funding from Jisc.

Search25 allows users to access the catalogues from within the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries, giving their learners greater choice and access to materials. According to John Tuck, chair of M25 consortium of academic libraries and director of library services, Royal Holloway, University of London, Search25 makes it easier to search, locate and obtain resources at any library in the group. This service allows students and researchers to benefit from and hop between a vast range of large academic institutions and rare specialist collections densely packed within South East England.

Search25 allows users to locate specific items in an M25 library. Once researchers have found what they need, they can check whether they are eligible to access the library and material through the ‘user options’ section.

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