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SPARC Europe publishes new strategy 2021-2024 -

SPARC Europe’s new strategy continues to strive to make Open research and education the default for the Higher Education community, research, education, industry, and society as a whole.

SPARC seeks to develop a more equitable, diverse, sustainable and Open Science and Education ecosystem. SPARC will expand its advocacy efforts for a more Open Europe and continue necessary international and national policy development. SPARC will also expand activities in the area of reimagining the way that Open research is rewarded and incentivised.

SPARC’s latest strategy was developed by the SPARC Europe Board in consultation with key partners and SPARC Europe’s libraries. The goals are to strengthen Open Access, advocate for Open in research and education, strive to enable more equity in Open, enhance diversity in publishing Open research and education, raise the impact of publicly funded research, and help sustain the Open infrastructure/service ecosystem.

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