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SPARC Europe to support high-level European OS policymaker group CoNOSC to advance national European Open Science policies -

SPARC Europe is supporting the Council for National Open Science Coordination (CoNOSC) in their efforts to advance national European Open Science policies. The CoNOSC mission is to help countries create, update and co-ordinate their national open science policies by sharing valuable insights from the network.

SPARC Europe will work with the CoNOSC group at least until the end of 2022. The international alliance will investigate the needs of today’s national Open Science (OS) policymakers and organise strategic OS policy meetings with high-level national OS Co-ordinators and ministry representatives to determine priorities for the coming year. Discussion will be held around important OS policy topics. Policy developments and outcomes to help resolve common challenges and stimulate synergies will also be showcased.

SPARC Europe will also help build and expand the CoNOSC network.

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