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Springer Nature Group establishes short-term goals to build on its carbon-neutral status -

Springer Nature Group has launched its latest annual Sustainable Business Report, Unlocking Potential, with a special focus on climate action. The report features new short-term carbon targets, building on last year’s announcement that Springer Nature Group had become carbon neutral for emissions associated with its offices, fleets, and flights.

A special foreword from Laura Helmuth, Editor in Chief of Scientific American, introduces the report and outlines the crucial role of publishers in addressing the climate crisis.

Springer Nature Group has now launched its latest annual Sustainable Business Report, Unlocking Potential. The report, which includes environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance data, looks at how Springer Nature Group takes responsibility for the impact of its operations on the people it works with and the planet and shows how the biggest positive impact it can make is through its publishing activity.

Springer Nature Group, the global publisher of research, education, and professional content is responsible for producing brands such as Nature and Scientific American, and is an industry leader in SDG-related research, publishing almost 390,000 articles or book chapters on this topic since 2015. A leader in Open Access publishing, in 2021 it celebrated the notable milestone of having published one million OA articles.

Like last year’s report, which focused on Springer Nature Group’s response to COVID-19, Unlocking Potential also looks to external events for its theme. 2021 saw the global climate conference COP26, unequivocal statements from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change on the need for action, and unprecedented climate disasters, so the report looks closely at the organization’s commitment to reduce the climate impacts of the business and to amplify the research needed to address the environmental issues we face. It builds on Climate Research in Action, a campaign Springer Nature launched in October 2021, which highlights solutions-focused research published across its content portfolio.

Since becoming carbon neutral for emissions associated with its offices, fleets and flights in 2020, Springer Nature Group has continued to look for ways to reduce the environmental impact of the organization and is in the process of developing detailed plans to decarbonize its operations, supply chain and products.

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