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Springer Nature publishes its 2000th OA book, marking a new milestone -

Springer Nature has reached a milestone in its open access (OA) book portfolio, publishing its 2000th OA book, less than 2 years after the publication of its 1000th OA book. Springer Nature has pioneered OA book models since the launch of its dedicated OA books programme in 2012. In 2018, the OA books programme comprised 500 OA books with over 30 million chapter downloads. Only four years later, the total OA book output has quadrupled, and these books have received over 200million chapter downloads supporting authors and readers from around the globe. Their high usage, reuse and accessibility advances discovery worldwide.

The 2000th OA book, Past, Present and Future of a Habitable Earth: The Development Strategy of Earth Science 2021 to 2030, offers a roadmap of how to achieve harmony and sustainable development between human society and nature through the lens of cutting-edge research and recent advances in geoscience. It builds on Springer Nature’s collection of titles related to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), one of the largest collections of any publisher accounting for 25% of Springer Nature’s annual book output.

Research continues to show that publishing book titles OA leads to on average: 10 times more downloads than non OA books; 2.4 times more citations on average compared to non-OA books; a more geographically diverse readership, reaching 61% more countries than non-OA books; and increased discoverability and accessibility, with SpringerLink, for example, receiving over 285 million visits each year from 127 million unique visitors.

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