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Springer Nature to launch new US Research Advisory Council to build stronger understanding of US research needs -

As part of its ongoing strategic intent to provide the best possible service to the US research ecosystem, Springer Nature is launching a US Research Advisory Council (USRAC).

The USRAC was organized by a Springer Nature steering group and task force representing its diversity of research publishing and solutions activity including books, journals, magazines and databases, which included Laura Helmuth, editor in chief of Scientific American, and Magdalena Skipper, editor in chief of Nature. This new body will meet annually in a roundtable workshop format with members drawn from institutions, funders, policy makers and research-driven organizations and advice on research culture and how research contributes to a better and more equitable society. The broad topic of the Council’s first meeting will be how COVID-19 has affected research and the way it is communicated.

In addition to the editors in chief of Nature and Scientific American, US-based publishing leaders including Welmoed Spahr, VP Applied Computing and Video Development for Books, Harry Blom, VP Policy, Development and Strategy for Journals, and Rachel Burley, President of Research Square, were also part of the committee that steered this initiative. Membership of the USRAC will be rotating to allow for fresh insights and perspectives. The first meeting will be held on June 15, 2021.

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