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Springer Nature unveils new book series that addresses major research pain points -

Springer Nature and RWTH Aachen University’s Cluster of Excellence Internet of Production have created a new publishing format called Crosstracts to address two research challenges. It can often take a long time for research results to be published and so are not getting back to the lecture hall fast enough. Moreover, opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration are limited, connections across academic disciplines that are needed to help find solutions to global challenges are being lost.

Crosstracts will therefore speed up the time between research and publication and improve collaboration between researchers of different disciplines by: publishing and disseminating research results as soon as they are finalized without having to wait for the whole book to be completed by harnessing Springer Nature’s Online First and Live Reference capability; and having an in-built publishing requirement that at least one peer reviewer is selected from a different discipline.

By embedding these processes directly into the publishing process, research findings will be able to be shared faster with collaboration across the disciplines becoming a regular occurrence.

The output will be published as a book series, Interdisciplinary Excellence Accelerator Series (IDEAS). The first book of the series, to be published in 2022, will be Internet of Production: Fundamentals, Applications, and Proceedings.

The book series and collaboration originated from a Springer Nature Publishing Lab, a workshop format between the Springer Nature Publishing Solution’s team and selected academic partners. The one or two-day workshops focus on critical issues in the research knowledge transfer. They aim to help understand researchers’ needs and pain points and explore ideas for potential solutions.

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