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SSP’s third annual New Directions 2019 seminar sessions now available for on-demand streaming -

The Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP) hosted its third annual New Directions seminar on October 2 and 3 at the 20F Conference Center in Washington DC earlier this year. With a record number of in-person as well as virtual attendees, the theme Scholarly Publishing Models “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly” proved to be popular across a range of participants. Topics included some of the most talked-about enterprises in the field, from Plan S and OA2020 to new peer review models and preprint servers, spam journals, and mega journals.

The entire seminar is now available for streaming in the SSP Library. The SSP Library is open to the public. Anyone interested in scholarly communication may share their favourite session with their colleagues and customers.

Featured sessions include Keynote: New Normal in Scholarly Publishing; Disrupting Peer Review; and TSK Chefs on The Future of Independent and Society Publishers. All session content can be accessed by visiting the SSP Library located in the Resources section. Interested parties may also search for a specific session by name or speaker.

Cadmore Media in partnership with 3Play Media have generously provided video hosting, transcription and closed-captioning services as part of an in-kind sponsorship. Through this sponsorship, recordings from the New Directions seminar include full transcriptions that are searchable and closed captioned. Additionally, the videos are tagged with applicable metadata - for easier discovery, segmented, and viewers can conveniently clip and share segments.

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