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STM expresses concern over Canada's proposed Copyright Modernization Act -

The International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers (STM) has expressed serious concern about Canada's Copyright Modernization Act (Bill C-32). STM says that if enacted, the provisions of the bill would seriously prejudice STM publishing, Canadian publishers, authors and rightsholders generally. Moreover, the provisions, if enacted, would violate Canada's international copyright obligations.

STM has further stated that the bill is marred by 'over-broad exceptions' and 'toothless provisions' against online piracy. In its submission, the STM notes that Bill C-32 will - through the introduction of too broad or general exceptions or limitations - erode or cause to fall away distinct markets pertaining to the educational community. In this process Bill C-32 will also substantially alter existing licensing options in the market for STM materials and interfere with the existing normal exploitation of STM materials.

Further, STM estimates that around $40 million may be at stake in Canada in the immediate future. The changes will also impact the publishing industry outside Canada since they will allow copies of copyright-protected works to circulate widely through interlibrary loans, e-learning or commercial online distributors without appropriate compensation to rightsholders. These changes may accordingly act as a disincentive for authors to create works, for publishers to publish them for the educational community and be to the detriment of Canadian users.

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