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STM welcomes UNESCO recommendation on Open Science -

The International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers (STM) has welcomed the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recommendation on Open Science that was adopted at the 41st session of the organization held in Paris.

STM members appreciate that UNESCO recognises the need to promote a common understanding of the diverse paths to achieving Open Science, and that it is only through systematic and long-term strategic investment that the aspirations for a more open, transparent, collaborative and inclusive scholarly communication ecosystem can be translated into reality.

Publishers sit at the interface between researchers, their research and the rest of the world through the Association’s work to improve the quality and availability of scholarly communication. Through its strong relationships with the research community, the evolution of its business models to meet researcher and societal needs, expertise in technology and propensity to innovate, publishers are well placed to contribute to fostering innovative approaches for Open Science.

Through their efforts across research integrity, Open research data and the development and management of forward-thinking shared infrastructures and collaborative services, STM and its members are working to ensure the availability, discoverability and reusability of research for all stakeholders working within scholarly communications.

STM fully shares and supports the goals of expanding access to peer-reviewed works and is continuing to work across the research ecosystem to make a more open scholarly communication system a reality. Adequate and long-term funding will be fundamental to ensuring this new reality while guaranteeing the sustainability and integrity of high-quality research publications. The Association therefore feels fundamentally aligned with UNESCO’s broad vision of shared values, principles and standards for Open Science and looks forward to continuing to engage with all stakeholders in order to help the organization achieve their aims.

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