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Taylor & Francis appoints Prof. Brad Fenwick as SVP of Open Science and Innovation -

Academic publisher Taylor & Francis Group has announced the appointment of Professor Brad Fenwick as Senior Vice President of Open Science and Innovation.

Professor Fenwick is a Professor of Pathobiology and Microbiology and an award-winning scientist and leader in science policy. His extensive experience includes fellowships with many leading American institutions and associations, as well as senior administrative positions, including Chief Scientist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He holds several patents, has founded a biotechnology company, and consults widely with companies, universities, and governments. He most recently served as SVP for Global Strategic Alliances at Elsevier. He also chairs ScienceCounts, which promotes the awareness and public support of science.

At Taylor & Francis, Professor Fenwick will provide innovative leadership and support for scholarly communications that accelerate the impact of open research across the whole of the research ecosystem. He will work collaboratively with all stakeholders including learned associations, universities, technology-based companies, research funders, policy makers, and the public in order to communicate the benefits of open science in the United States and enhance public trust and confidence in research.

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