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Taylor & Francis’ new microsite to provide full access to breaking COVID-19 research -

Academic publisher Taylor & Francis has published a new microsite that aggregates and organises all recently published COVID-19 research in one easy to navigate portal, including all relevant research articles and book chapters. All breaking research relating to COVID-19 continues to be freely accessible in support of global efforts in diagnosis, treatment, prevention and further research into the virus. New research will be added to the microsite as soon as it breaks.

As a leading publisher of trusted science, technology, medicine, humanities and social sciences research, Taylor & Francis remains committed to helping public health authorities, researchers, clinicians and the general public to contain and manage the spread of COVID-19. Taylor & Francis aims to enable experts to pool collective wisdom to combat this disease.

As signatories to NIH’s Access to Research initiative, along with the Wellcome Trust’s coordinated action on sharing research data and findings relevant to the outbreak, Taylor & Francis has been working with WHO to ensure this content is clearly signposted. Taylor & Francis is aligning with the OSTP initiative to centralise resources on PubMed, whom they are currently working with to ensure rapid human and machine-readable access where possible to research articles and data through the NLM’s Litcovid portal.

Further breaking COVID-19 research including pre-prints is also available through a dedicated F1000Research gateway, to ensure immediate access to the latest research developments.

Taylor & Francis aims to support global scientific discovery to manage the spread of COVID-19, and will continue to update the microsite as rapidly as possible to enhance the discoverability of new research as it breaks.

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