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Texterity releases digital magazine reader survey results for 2008 -

Digital publishing solutions provider Texterity, Inc., US, has released the results of its third annual BPA Worldwide-certified digital magazine reader survey. The survey, conducted with Mediamark Research & Intelligence (MRI), is projected as the most comprehensive profile of digital magazine reader preferences and demographic data to date.

The 2008 Digital Magazine Reader Survey, claimed to be the largest body of research available for understanding the profile and needs of the e-magazine reader, attracted participation from readers of over 161 publications representing 51 publishers. About 33,897 recipients completed the survey. According to the survey, digital magazine reader satisfaction rates remain high, with 89 percent of readers 'very satisfied' or 'satisfied' with their digital edition, an increase over the last two years. It also noted that digital magazine readers are highly engaged with the digital edition; 90 percent read the digital edition the same week. Over 61 percent of digital readers have read three or four of the last four issues, comparable to the rate for a typical print reader.

The top three reasons that digital subscribers cite for reading digital editions are, in order, environmental friendliness, ease of saving, and the ability to search issues. Over two-thirds of readers sited environmental friendliness ("green") as being "important" or "very important" to their decision to read digital magazines.

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