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The Company of Biologists announces 2023 journal pricing -

The Company of Biologists has announced that price changes for their journals in 2023 will range from a decrease of 0.65% to an increase of 1.58% following the application of the double-dipping policy.

The number of institutions participating in the Read & Publish Open Access (OA) program of the Company of Biologists has more than doubled over the past year, thanks to the support of the international library community. This success has helped exceed the Transformative Journal targets for OA growth and takes the company closer to converting their journals to full Open Access.

As part of its ongoing commitment to fair and transparent pricing, Company of Biologists ensure that library customers are not double charged for OA content. The % change in the number of OA articles is therefore deducted from the annual price increase to give the net decrease/increase in price.

In recognition of the financial difficulties library customers continue to face, Company of Biologists Board of Directors – all of whom are practicing scientists – has approved an annual price which is significantly lower than the current UK inflation rate and the increase in publishing costs being experienced as a result.

The full pricing calculations can be viewed here.

Click here to read the original press release.


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