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The Company of Biologists launches ‘Forest of Biologists’ initiative to promote biodiversity -

The Company of Biologists has launched a new initiative, the ‘Forest of Biologists,’ which aims to celebrate the contributions of authors and peer reviewers to its five journals while supporting biodiversity. For each published Research Article or Review article in the journals, a tree will be planted in a UK forest. The company is also funding the restoration and preservation of ancient woodland, which will be dedicated to its peer reviewers. All the trees are represented in a virtual forest, which will grow with each new piece of research.

The initiative is a part of the company’s broader efforts to address climate change and biodiversity loss, and it aims to direct and evaluate actions through science. The Company of Biologists has partnered with the Woodland Trust, the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity, to work on the project. The Trust’s ambassador, John Tucker, emphasized that the nature and climate crises require urgent action and scientific evaluation, and The Company of Biologists is taking an important step towards addressing these crises by restoring ancient woodlands and creating new ones.

Claire Moulton, Publisher at The Company of Biologists, noted that the initiative reflects widespread concern among biologists worldwide about climate change and biodiversity loss. She added that, after nearly 100 years of publishing journals and facilitating scientific meetings, The Company of Biologists wants to play its part in supporting biology too. Prof. Steven Kelly, Editor-in-Chief of Biology Open, described the initiative as an important step in the evolution of scientific publishing, where author and reviewer contributions to biological knowledge also contribute to the natural world.

The Forest of Biologists is a living and growing forest that recognizes the vital work of peer reviewers while promoting biodiversity.

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