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The Endocrine Society launches new journal - Hormones & Cancer -

The Endocrine Society has launched a new journal - Hormones & Cancer. In collaboration with STM publisher Springer Science + Business Media, the Society has created an international editorial board that includes many of the leading experts in this interdisciplinary field of study. Jonathan J. Li of the department of pharmacology, toxicology and therapeutics at Kansas University School of Medicine will serve as the Editor-in chief of the journal.

A bi-monthly publication, Hormones & Cancer will include research articles covering all aspects of hormone action on cancer causation, progression, dependence, prevention, resistance and treatment. Hormonal cancers include two of the most deadly cancer subtypes - cancers of the breast and prostate. In addition to these cancers, journal will include research articles covering other less-commonly occurring cancer subtypes, such as thyroid, gynecologic and pituitary cancer. Bringing together endocrinology and oncology researchers, this new journal will span the multidisciplinary nature of this field of research by including basic scientific, epidemiological and translational research papers.

Hormones & Cancer will be published both electronically and in print. The first issue will be available online February 1, 2010, at

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