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The EUTOPIA European University and OpenAIRE partner to create a research portal for ten EUTOPIA universities -

The EUTOPIA European University and OpenAIRE have announced a partnership. Under the deal, both will work together to create a research portal for the ten EUTOPIA universities. The aim is to increase the findability and accessibility of EUTOPIA research and to serve as a starting point for new collaborations and partnerships among EUTOPIA researchers and their partners.

The universities of EUTOPIA seek to offer high-quality services to society while making sure that the pursuit and generation of knowledge are accessible to all participants of the alliance and beyond. Thus, its faculty members, researchers, students and staff work together to build a new academic model, reflecting an open and united Europe.

Making research results available to the public is part of EUTOPIA’s commitment to being an open and inclusive alliance. Together with OpenAIRE, EUTOPIA will establish a dedicated portal for EUTOPIA through a CONNECT Gateway. The portal will work as a single point of access to all academic publications, data sets, research projects, software and other research outputs of the EUTOPIA universities.

A dedicated EUTOPIA Gateway through OpenAIRE Connect will also increase the accessibility and findability of EUTOPIA research and embed them in the EOSC ecosystem. This will allow researchers and in fact any interested party, from within and outside EUTOPIA to make maximal use of the research results produced by the ten EUTOPIA universities.

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