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The SNSF’s new pilot project enables researchers to publish their OA articles via the ChronosHub platform -

The Swiss National Scientific Foundation (SNSF) is launching a new pilot project. Researchers will now be able to publish their open access articles via the ChronosHub platform, thereby saving a lot of time and effort.

Research findings funded with public money belong to the public. For this reason, the SNSF asks researchers to publish the results of SNSF-funded projects in an open-access (OA) format. It pays the fees for articles that are published in OA-only journals.

In order to make the settlement of publication fees, the so-called APCs, even easier, the SNSF is entering into a pilot partnership with the service provider ChronosHub. From now on, researchers can publish their articles using its platform. In the case of an OA-only journal, payment of the fees is arranged directly without the researchers having to submit an application to the SNSF.

As before, no costs are covered for hybrid journals that contain both freely accessible articles and articles that are subject to a charge. For researchers publishing in such journals, ChronosHub indicates whether the fees are covered by a national agreement with the research institutions.

In addition, ChronosHub offers researchers a search engine, the "Journal Finder". With a single login, they have access to more than 40,000 journals. They can see whether the journal they are interested in meets the SNSF's Open Access requirements and can submit their manuscript directly. Also an advantage: articles published via ChronosHub are archived on the platform and can be reused for reporting, e.g. to the SNSF.

Researchers funded by the SNSF will shortly receive their access data for ChronosHub.

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