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Thomson Scientific, Ringgold offer institutional identification system, JADE -

Information solutions provider Thomson Scientific, US, and Ringgold, Inc., UK, have announced the availability of the Journal Analysis Database Expanded (JADE). JADE allows users to see a detailed analysis of authors and subscribers of a journal, or set of journals, using precisely defined definitions of the 'publishing institutions' to which those authors and subscribers belong.

JADE is seen to leverage the journal analysis capabilities of Thomson Scientific and combine them with Ringgold's Open Identify database to offer a disambiguation tool at the institutional level. This is projected to help ensure accurate records for each publishing institution.

Ringgold's Open Identify database includes nearly 100,000 institutions that subscribe to academic journals. Each institution is given a Ringgold Identifier, a unique number used by publishers and other vendors to unambiguously identify their customers and support the journal supply chain. Communication between subscribers, agents, publishers, distributors and hosting services is simplified by the use of a single number which can be tracked at any point.

JADE will initially be a custom product tailored to the individual requirements of publishers or institutions. The client will receive a custom database which pulls together all the institutions that have authored, cited, or been cited by journal title or ISI subject category. The Ringgold structure is seen to bring together all records for an institution, regardless of the name and address in the author data, and allow publishers easy comparison of this data with structured and disambiguated subscriber data.

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