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Trends in Academic Publishing Survey 2021 -

In 2021, Deanta surveyed academic publishers across the globe to discover how the industry was reacting after a Covid-hit 2020. The results of that 2021 survey revealed how the skills that publishers need were diversifying and, although confidence across the industry was high, evidence of immediate meaningful change was low, even though the survey did suggest that change may be coming. No surprise perhaps from a conservative industry prone to working in hierarchical, siloed departments.

Deanta is running this survey again in 2022 to see whether the ongoing Covid crisis has changed working practices, altered individual attitudes towards technological innovation, or brought the industry as a whole any nearer to a tipping point for digital transformation.

Ultimately, the intent is to find out whether publishers have executed the changes they pledged, or whether the goalposts have changed once again.

Please make your voice heard and help us to make this survey a genuine record of how academic publishing is evolving. Your answers will be anonymous, but if compete the survey and leave your contact details you will be put into a free prize draw to win a ReMarkable paper table.

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