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UC Berkeley joins trial of 3 Year Fixed Term PeerJ Memberships to support OA publishing -

University of California, Berkeley is taking part in the trial of 3 Year Fixed Term PeerJ Memberships, joining University of Ottawa.

UC Berkeley have been long-term supporters of PeerJ, becoming one of the first universities to create a PeerJ institutional account back in 2013. Discussions with the team at Berkeley were instrumental in developing this new approach to PeerJ Memberships.

Under the agreement, the UC Berkeley Library will cover the Three-Year Memberships in their entirety, which means that there will be no out-of-pocket fees for UC Berkeley authors to publish in PeerJ journals. The memberships are valid from the date of an author’s first publication and for a further 36 months, during which they can publish up to two further articles at any point during that time frame. This provides authors with more flexibility as to when they publish during their membership term, and averages out to a per-author cost of just under $80/article being borne by the Library.

For a publication to be funded via memberships, all co-authors on a paper must have a valid PeerJ membership. In the case of UC Berkeley, all non-affiliated authors need to obtain their own memberships as per PeerJ’s prevailing model and pricing. Any UC Berkeley authors who already hold lifetime memberships are unaffected by this new agreement; their lifetime memberships remain valid and allow them to publish one PeerJ article every year at no additional cost.

PeerJ will be announcing more agreements as part of a multi-year trial based on the Institutional Fixed Term Membership model in the coming weeks.

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