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University of Oxford set to launch Pandemic Sciences Centre -

The University of Oxford has announced the launch of a new centre of global research collaboration and excellence, the Pandemic Sciences Centre.

The Pandemic Sciences Centre, which will include a number of core institutes, will harness the strong global research collaborations that the University of Oxford has developed over more than forty years. Its mission will be to ensure that the world is better equipped to create global, and equitable science-driven solutions to prepare for, identify, and counter future pandemic threats. The new centre will also build on the strong and unique collaborations developed in record time across national borders between academia, industry and public health bodies during the coronavirus pandemic.

Within Oxford, the centre will draw together academics and experts from across its research and innovation community, including from infectious diseases, vaccinology, immunology, structural biology, diagnostics, drug discovery, clinical trials, data science, public health, and social and political sciences. Nationally and internationally, the Centre will foster a multi-sectoral approach and invest in agile platforms and partnerships.

Peter Horby, Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases at the University of Oxford, will be the inaugural Director of the centre. Peter has worked on many global health threats including SARS-1, bird flu, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, Ebola, Lassa fever, and plague.

The next few months will see significant activity to support the Centre's development and engage with partners in this initiative as the University looks to secure over £500 million to invest in this centre - with contributions from philanthropists, corporate partners and governments - to create an entity that will make a real difference to the world.

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