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US publishers body endorses international joint statement on OA debate -

The Professional and Scholarly Publishing Division of the Association of American Publishers (AAP/PSP) has expressed its endorsement of a joint statement on the open access (OA) debate issued by two international organisations representing publishers and librarians. The statement, entitled 'Enhancing the Debate on Open Access,' was recently issued by the International Publishers Association (IPA) and the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA). They were joined in releasing the statement by the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers.

The debate over OA is seen to present a key opportunity for the international publishing and library communities to explore the use of technology and new business models to meet the challenges of growing scholarly publishing output. However, it has been observed, the debate has too often been hobbled 'by unnecessary polarisations and sweeping generalised statements.' The IPA/IFLA statement attempts to lay out common ground for both communities so that future debate is conducted in an open-minded way, encouraging experimentation and arguments based on empirical facts.

The complete text of the statement is available online at Here

Click here to read the original press release.

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