Wiley broadens access to Knewton Alta Foundations of Math course -

From the 2020 American Mathematical Association of Two Year Colleges conference, John Wiley and Sons Inc. has announced that it will broaden access to its Knewton Alta Foundations of Math course that covers the entire developmental math curriculum – content that is critical for learners to advance in their future academic and professional achievements.

Beginning in May 2021, the Knewton Alta Foundations of Math course will be freely available to students whose higher ed institution has adopted Knewton Alta for a developmental and gateway math & statistics sequence. The Foundations course can be used to support a prerequisite or corequisite developmental curriculum. Wiley will also offer a new, self-paced Knewton Alta Foundations of Math Self-Study course for all learners in need of support as they prepare for a new math course, math placement exam, or refine their skills after some time away from the discipline.

Success in a gateway math or statistics course claims to be one of the biggest predictors of overall college success, yet math remains a significant obstacle to degree completion and equitable outcomes for millions of students, according to Mathematical Association of America; and research from the National Centre of Education Statistics shows many students enrolled in these courses do not complete them leading to unmet learning outcomes, changed career paths, and often accumulating education debt. The research also shows that the issue is more prevalent for Black and Latino students, who leave programs at far higher rates than their white peers.

Wiley’s Knewton Alta is expertly designed with adaptive learning technology to deliver a personalised learning experience that is more affordable and accessible, and improves student outcomes in math, statistics, economics, and chemistry. With the company’s acquisition of Knewton Alta last year, Wiley continues to be a source of tech-enabled content, platforms and services that together help learners achieve their goals in new and powerful ways.

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