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Wiley launches Developmental Science Publishing Network -

John Wiley & Sons Inc., a global leader in research and education, has announced the launch of the Developmental Science Publishing Network, the result of a unique collaboration between Wiley, learned societies and journals to make the publishing process quicker and easier for authors, editors and reviewers.

The new collaboration will allow editors to refer an article that does not quite fit the mission or audience of that journal to a more suitable alternative within the network through an expedited transfer process. Authors can decide whether to accept the referral, with the further option to transfer their paper with or without revisions. Any reviews of the paper can be transferred with the manuscript too, relieving pressure on the peer review process.

As one of the leading publishers in developmental science, Wiley brings together 14 journals – including Child Development, Developmental Science, Social Development, Mind Brain and Education and Journal of Research on Adolescence – working collaboratively to improve the publishing experience and outcomes for researchers in the community.

Through extensive collaboration across journals, the new Developmental Science Publishing Network will improve the submission process for authors, support reviewers through portable peer reviews, and incorporate the insight and expertise of editorial boards as they direct good research to a better place for the paper to publish.

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