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Wiley launches KnowItAll 2020, takes spectral identification to the next level -

John Wiley & Sons Inc., a global leader in research and education, has announced the debut of KnowItAll 2020, following the company’s acquisition of the informatics KnowItAll spectroscopy software and spectral databases in April. KnowItAll 2020 features a new streamlined interface and tools to accelerate the spectral analysis of unknown compounds–plus new tools specifically designed for drug classification using infrared analysis.

Wiley is quickening the pace of research and discovery through its investment in technology-based solutions like KnowItAll 2020 that provide invaluable interpretation tools for researchers, who are enhancing productivity and making an impact in many application areas such as environmental, forensics, polymer and pharmaceutical laboratories.

KnowItAll 2020 highlights also include: Simplified Interface to streamline workflow for spectral search; streamlined spectral processing and IR and Raman functional group analyses; IR Spectra Classification for Designer Drugs; Enhanced Simultaneous Multi-Technique Search; Increased Chemical Intelligence with NEW Related Compounds View; DEA Controlled Substance Prediction; and Enhanced Structure Drawing.

KNOWITALL and CHEMWINDOW are trademarks of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. in certain jurisdictions.

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