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Wiley’s Open Science Ambassador Program encourages scientific collaboration -

John Wiley and Sons Inc., a leader in research and education, has introduced its Open Science Ambassador Program. The program acknowledges and supports Chinese thought leaders around the world who embrace open science principles and encourage a free exchange of ideas and collaboration within their communities.

The research landscape is quickly evolving to embrace increased openness, reproducibility and accountability. Fueled by new technologies and collaboration tools, open science will quicken the pace and reliability of scientific knowledge.

Open research, also known as open science, plays a vital role in scientific communications and provides a clear set of benefits: improved effectiveness and productivity of research communications; better and more accurate reproducibility and validation of research results; facilitation for reuse and innovation of knowledge; and heightened awareness of the importance of science for the general public.

Wiley continues to drive open science within five key areas—open access, open practices, open collaboration, open recognition and reward, and open data. The company supports researchers, and the scientific community at large by signing landmark open access agreements, publishing more open access journals, offering innovative technologies to facilitate research sharing and encouraging collaboration through its Open Science Ambassador Program.

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