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Wolters Kluwer Germany supports further development of EU project addressing Linked Open Data -

Information solution provider Wolters Kluwer Germany is working on the further development of technologies related to 'Linked Open Data' (LOD). The project, which began in September, is intended to establish the Linked Data Principle faster and easier in companies, web communities, and governmental institutions. LOD2 is supported by the European Union as well as companies and research facilities in seven European countries.

Wolters Kluwer Germany's Business Development and Strategy department is actively involved in the LOD project. This department is in charge of strategic product development and innovation. It analyses trends in the IT and publishing market as well as among customers of Wolters Kluwer Germany in order to identify their impact on business.

Linked Data is the central element of what is referred to as Web 3.0 or also the Semantic Web. It stands for a network of data, which come from different sources and can be automatically used and processed in one single sweep. The LOD2 project enables the development of tools and methods to facilitate the supply, linking, and further processing of different data sets significantly. This project aims at realising three objectives - better integration of company data; an open and standardised access to academic publications; and opening of governmental databases for citizens. The AKSW (Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web) research group of Leipzig University, Germany, is coordinating the project.

Companies and organisations owning large data sets and that are interested in publishing this data, can apply for free support by the LOD2 partners in the context of PUBLINK Linked Open Data Consultancy by December 15, 2010.

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