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Wolters Kluwer makes monkeypox content free to clinicians worldwide in response to global health emergency -

The World Health Organization (W.H.O.) has declared monkeypox a global health emergency. To fulfill the global need for evidence-based information amid this outbreak, Wolters Kluwer has made monkeypox content on UpToDate® free, and created a monkeypox resource page that includes links to relevant medical journal research articles in Ovid®.

The resource page can be accessed here.

The initiative is aimed at providing clinicians and researchers worldwide responding to the monkeypox outbreak, with the latest evidence-based information that ultimately helps them to provide the best care to their patients.

Wolters Kluwer also has experts available to comment on the monkeypox outbreak.

Dr. Martin Hirsch, editor-in-chief of infectious diseases and section editor of viral infections for UpToDate, senior physician at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School can provide his expert perspective on the monkeypox outbreak.

Monkeypox is a viral zoonotic infection that may result in a rash similar to that observed in smallpox. Its clinical manifestations may include fevers, chills, lymph node swelling, aches and pains. Deaths from monkeypox are, fortunately, quite rare. According to Dr. Hirsch, Human-to-human transmission of monkeypox virus can occur in several ways: Direct contact – spread occurs primarily through direct contact with infectious sores, scabs, or body fluids; Indirect contact through materials – Transmission can occur through contact with materials that have been contaminated with infected material, such as clothing or linens; and Vertical transmission – The virus can cross the placenta from the mother to her fetus, which can lead to congenital monkeypox.

Vaccines for monkeypox are available, but on a limited basis, and the criteria for receiving a vaccine may vary based on your risk status and where you live.

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