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An Ontology for Aquaponics System’s Knowledge -

The realization of aquaponics 4.0, a strategic initiative characterized by the fusion of emerging technologies, requires an efficient flow and integration of data due to the presence of complex biological processes. However, a key challenge is dealing with the semantic heterogeneity of multiple data resources.

An aquaponics ontology solves the semantic interoperation problem by describing, extracting, and sharing knowledge. Hence, a study proposes a unified ontology model, AquaONT, to represent and store the essential knowledge of an aquaponics 4.0 system. This ontology provides a mechanism for sharing and reusing the aquaponics 4.0 system’s knowledge to solve the semantic interoperation problem.

AquaONT is built from indoor vertical farming terminologies taking into consideration experimental test cases related to environmental parameters, design configuration, and product quality. The proposed ontology model will help vertical farm practitioners with more transparent decision-making on crop production, product quality, and facility layout of the aquaponics farm.

In the future, a decision support system will be developed using this ontology model and artificial intelligence techniques for autonomous data-driven decisions.

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