Why Granularity in Game Classification in App Stores Are in Order -

During the last decade, the mobile gaming industry has enjoyed exponential growth as mobile game developers created new games and new types of games to keep up with the player’s appetite. The only factor common to most of these games is their app store category even though some games differ from another — in-game mechanics, complexity, monetization models, features, etc. Some game developing companies developed their game taxonomy or leveraged third-party providers to overcome the prevailing classification method's challenges. This, too, has its drawbacks.

When companies use different methodologies, definitions, and criteria for classifying games, they push the gaming ecosystem to the next level, where the in-game characteristic defines the game and its segment. However, mobile gaming is vast, and hence new game classification should be about reshuffling the existing deck and adding granularity.

Granularity in mobile game classification is essential because it helps developers learn about their competitors and their products and fine-tune their games in terms of feature-set, design, benchmarks, etc. For marketers, granular categorization will help improve Installs Per Mille (IPM) and allow them to make their budgets count. Granularity will enable players to explore new games by engaging with advertisements they see for the games they are playing or using app stores to find their next favorite game. Besides, it will make life easier for players who like playing games that fit their preferences by enabling them to install games that are a good fit.

Organic discovery in gaming is becoming harder and harder for users, making organic growth a considerable challenge for gaming app marketers. With the current store categorization, finding a game that genuinely matches preferences and would keep players playing longer is not an easy task. Hence, it is crucial and necessary to have relevant and granular game categorization in the app stores, thereby providing gaming developers and marketers with a single source of truth.

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