Preprint servers have changed research culture in many fields. Will a new one for education catch on? -

Academic research moves at a famously sluggish pace. It can often take well over a year between the time a paper is submitted to a peer-reviewed journal, and when that article is published. And then, only those who can get to a library that subscribes to the journal can see it. Some fields, most notably physics, have hacked the academic publishing system by creating so-called ‘preprint servers,’ where scholars post early versions of their journal articles to websites so that people can see and comment on them while the articles are going through formal peer review. And the preprint websites are free to all, making their findings accessible not just to scholars but to a broader audience. So a group of professors have built a preprint server for education research, with the hope of speeding up the pace of research and reaching communities of teachers and parents.

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