Transformative Journals: Rationale -

Transformative Journals approach is one of the Transformative Arrangements proposed in the Guidance to the Implementation of Plan S, in addition to Transformative Agreements, and Transformative Model Agreements. Like the other Transformative Arrangements, Transformative Journals are designed to provide a means for researchers to continue publishing results from projects funded by cOAlition S organisations in a wide variety of journals, while ensuring that the final, published version is fully Open Access. Journals that adopt this approach will demonstrate their commitment to move to a fully Open Access model. The members of cOAlition S require that all their research results are published in full and immediate Open Access, in the interest of accelerating research. With that demand comes the obligation to make sure that the largest possible set of journals and platforms offer researchers, working in projects funded by cOAlition S organisations, the opportunity to publish in the scholarly journal of their choice, and make the final, version of record, open access.

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