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Revisiting: When is a Publisher not a Publisher? Cobbling Together the Pieces to Build a Workflow Business -

Author: Roger c. Schonfeld

Workflows are neither features, nor products, nor businesses. They are sets of activities that can be understood as a process and to some degree systematized. Researcher workflows focus on the individual or collaborative research process, including everything from undergraduate paper writing to the most leading edge laboratory research. University business processes are another kind of workflow, and these include everything from the work of the library to acquire and provide content to the work of the research office to establish a research strategy and support researchers in securing grants from, and complying with the requirements of, funders. As growth in the licensed content businesses begins to stall, sophisticated content providers have noticed that there may be both defensive value, as well as entirely new areas of growth, in supporting research workflows and university business processes. Revisiting a 2017 post looking at how, due to the slowing growth of content licensing, sophisticated content providers are building businesses supporting researcher workflow and university business processes.

The full entry can be read: Here.

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