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Infor Library and Information Solutions announces new mobile offering for libraries -

Library automation solutions provider Infor Library and Information Solutions, US, has announced the availability of a new mobile offering for libraries. The mobile offering, called NOW, is a flexible and affordable mobile solution that provides public, academic and school libraries with a mobile website and mobile… Read More

Scientists anxious over US govt. clampdown on avian flu research publication -

Scientists working with H5N1, the avian influenza, are reportedly concerned about a recent decision by the US government to ask two scientific journals – Science and Nature - to hold back portions of a controversial study. The US National Science Advisory… Read More

Access Knowledgespeak using your smartphones and mobile devices via -

Mobile access for Knowledgespeak is now available in a mobile browser version and a Java application version. Smartphones and Tablets – We publish a mobile browser version for smartphones and tablet PCs. This is accessible at, a site designed specifically for all types of… Read More

Tablets, e-readers seen to signal the end of paper-based books -

Several studies on the continuing growth of the e-book market are observed to reveal that tablet computers and e-readers may put an end to real paper-based books. The US Book Industry Study Group (BISG) found that nearly half of those who bought both print and digital… Read More

Amazon reports over 1 million Kindle devices sold per week in December -

Online books retailer, Inc., US, has announced that throughout December, customers purchased over 1 million Kindle devices per week. With expectations high for both e-reader sales and e-books over the holiday season, Amazon reported that its Kindle was a hot commodity this month, and that… Read More

Society for Scholarly Publishing to host Librarian Focus Group meeting in January -

The Society for Scholarly Publishing has announced that it will host the 2012 Librarian Focus Group meeting on January 31, 2012 at the American Geophysical Union, Washington, DC. The meeting reportedly features a panel of leading librarians with a wide variety of backgrounds and experience,… Read More

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