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Elsevier launches new OA journal – Case Studies in Construction Materials -

STM publisher Elsevier has announced the launch of a new open access journal - Case Studies in Construction Materials. Case Studies in Construction Materials seeks to provide a new forum for the rapid publication of structured case studies and short communications on construction materials. The journal… Read More

SAGE partners with academic news site The Conversation to support access to high quality academic research -

Academic publisher SAGE has announced a new partnership with a major online news website, The Conversation, to support access to high quality academic research within the mainstream media. Originally launched in Australia in 2011 and now their largest independent news site, The Conversation UK, which… Read More

US Department of Commerce seeks comment on Green Paper on Copyright Policy, Creativity, and Innovation in the Digital Economy -

The US Department of Commerce is seeking comment on the recently released Green Paper on Copyright Policy, Creativity, and Innovation in the Digital Economy. In response, the Library Copyright Alliance (LCA), of which ARL is a member, provided comments on a number of issues raised in… Read More

Massachusetts Library System selects Baker & Taylor as ebook platform partner -

Baker & Taylor, a distributor of digital and physical books, has been selected by the Massachusetts Library System (MLS) to participate in an innovative six-month pilot project designed to expand access to ebooks for the state's multi‑type libraries. This pilot project was conceived by the Massachusetts… Read More

Versita implements Crosscheck Plagiarism Screening across its portfolio of third-party-owned journals -

Open access publishing services provider Versita has announced that it is introducing Crosscheck Plagiarism Screening to the entire portfolio of its third-party-owned journals. Crosscheck is an initiative between iThenticate and CrossRef®, a not-for-profit membership association of publishers, established to help publishers prevent professional plagiarism and… Read More

Jisc launches new network to inspire a future of innovation in research and education -

Jisc is set to increase the country's global competitiveness by launching one of the world's most advanced computer networks - Janet6. This advanced network has been designed to address future demands for high capacity connectivity, enabling vast amounts of data to be exchanged in seconds.… Read More

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