Blogs selected for Week Oct 24 to Oct 30, 2016

1. The impact of article processing charges on libraries and what is being done to help Following significant growth in gold open access publishing, Katie Shamash, in her post in The Impact Blog , looks at the available APC data and picks out some key insights. APCs are now an increasingly significant portion of institutions’ […]

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Blogs selected for Week Oct 17 to Oct 23, 2016

1. Revisiting: The Editorial Fallacy The notion of the “editorial fallacy”, the misconception that all a publisher must focus on is producing high quality material, has popped up recently in several posts. In this post in the Scholarly Kitchen Blog, Joseph Esposito revisits his 2010 post on the disruptive publishing environment, in which publishers cannot […]

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Blogs selected for Week Oct 10 to Oct 16, 2016

1. A Taxonomy of University Presses Today University presses bring a diversity not only of costs, scale, and business models, but also of organisational capacity, incentives, and objectives. As efforts are mounted to transition monograph publishing to open access, it is vital that we recognise the richness and complexity of this community, notes Roger C. […]

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Blogs selected for Week Oct 3 to Oct 9, 2016

1. Open access to high energy physics assured to 2019 by SCOAP3 Open access publishing is now mainstream in biology and medicine, but it is less popular in the natural sciences. In her post in the BioMed Central Blog, Grace Baynes examines a partnership between CERN and Springer Nature that’s promoting open access publishing in […]

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Blogs selected for Week Sep 26 to Oct 2, 2016

1. Old Media, New Media, Data Media: Evolving Publishing Paradigms We typically classify publishers as Old Media and New Media, but now we have companies that are part of a new paradigm, the Dat Media company. Such companies sit above both Old and New, studying patterns in usage and in the databases of information aggregated […]

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