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AGU launches Journal of Geophysical Research: Machine Learning and Computation -

AGU has announced the launch of its latest open access journal, the Journal of Geophysical Research: Machine Learning and Computation.

JGR: Machine Learning and Computation is dedicated to research that explores data-driven and computational methodologies based on statistical analysis, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and mathematical models, with the aim of advancing knowledge in the Earth and space sciences. In particular, this journal will accept papers proposing novel results in the broad fields of solar and space physics, geophysical fluids and planetary environments, Earth surface and interiors, and biogeosciences.

The decision to launch JGR: Machine Learning and Computation follows a growing body of research in the field, evidenced by dedicated special collections and meetings. In 2022, more than 500 manuscripts were submitted across AGU journals and more than 1700 abstracts submitted to AGU22 contained the index terms “machine learning” or “artificial intelligence.” The journal was proposed by members of AGU’s Nonlinear Geophysics Section and received vocal approval in discussions with the AGU Council and editors of AGU journals.

JGR: Machine Learning and Computation is the 12th of 24 AGU journals to be fully open access. Open access journals remove the paywall that would require readers to have a paid subscription, thereby increasing equitable access to the latest advances among researchers and the public alike. AGU also offers various funding support for authors publishing in its fully open access journals, including full waivers. All accepted papers will be published regardless of the author’s ability to pay publication fees. AGU is a proud leader in open science, advancing the effort through publications, meetings, data leadership, community science, policy engagement, and career development.

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