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AMA and SNOMED International launch demonstration project -

The American Medical Association (AMA) and SNOMED International have announced a concrete demonstration of how Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) and SNOMED CT work together to enable better outcomes and enhanced resource utilisation throughout the health ecosystem.

The AMA-SNOMED International demonstration project underscores the power of the two terminologies together—providing a clear path from clinical documentation to resource utilisation insights. The demonstration tool will highlight how health care administrators can leverage both code sets to align resources to population needs in complex clinical areas such as breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Both serving a specific purpose, the AMA’s CPT codes are vital to health care administration and classification in the United States, while SNOMED CT serves as the global standard for clinical terminology. At a broad level, the AMA-SNOMED International collaboration aims to improve integration between the CPT and SNOMED CT terminologies, by producing tools for physician practices, hospitals, payers, and other stakeholders to better organise health care data.

The goal of the joint initiative is to provide opportunities for health care stakeholders to explore additional scenarios, capture new insights, and evaluate how the combined terminologies can be used to strengthen care in their health care systems. To this end, the AMA and SNOMED International have engaged in this joint initiative to explore creating a demonstration space, or sandbox, where clinical analytics scenarios can be demonstrated and, in the future, run securely.

A committed supporter and participant of the SNOMED CT Expo, the AMA continues to bring its focus on data driven solutions through thought leadership at the conference. Over the course of Expo taking place on October 8-9, 2020, the AMA will share how to leverage SNOMED CT Encoded Data to Design, Implement and Track Remote Monitoring Programs through a CPT Code Set Use Case as well as the approach to Aligning Clinician Priorities with Terminology and Standards Development. Matt Menning, director of engagement for the AMA’s Integrated Health Model Initiative, along with other key AMA ambassadors will lead the community through the sessions.

Both organisations are dedicated to the pursuit of unambiguous exchange of clinical information. Together they seek to address the health system’s emerging need for greater integration in support of interoperability as well as health and resource data analytics.

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