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STM Solutions’ Integrity Hub gains momentum with PubPeer database inclusion -

STM Solutions and PubPeer have announced the integration of the PubPeer database with the STM Integrity Hub. This collaboration continues to strengthen the Hub's ability to identify potentially deceptive manuscripts upon submission and comes directly on the heels of another integration… Read More

Pensoft and ARPHA revolutionize citation metrics with partnership -

In the dynamic realm of academic publishing, robust citation metrics are invaluable. Scholarly publisher and technology provider Pensoft has teamed up with the platform to introduce an innovative service that promises to reshape the way readers perceive and utilize citation data.… Read More

Underline Science and UKSG collaborate to enrich the world of scientific knowledge -

Underline Science, a trailblazer in the realm of making scientific knowledge accessible through video dissemination, has announced a strategic collaboration with UKSG. This partnership, marked by the integration of UKSG's conference video content into Underline's Digital Video Library, represents a significant… Read More

cOAlition S, Jisc, and PLOS collaborate to establish working group beyond article-based charges -

In a joint effort to promote equitable participation in knowledge-sharing and reshape publishing business models, cOAlition S has partnered with Jisc and PLOS to announce the formation of a multi-stakeholder working group. This group, comprising a diverse range of stakeholders, will… Read More

SPIE collaborates with Cadmore Media for scholarly video publication -

SPIE, the international society dedicated to optics and photonics, recently announced a partnership with Cadmore Media, a leading streaming media platform. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the dissemination of scholarly video content. SPIE has been at the forefront of incorporating… Read More

Crossref acquires Retraction Watch database, unveiling a new era of research integrity -

In a significant development for the scientific community, Crossref, the global infrastructure supporting research communications, has acquired the Retraction Watch database, a renowned resource for tracking retractions in academic publishing. The announcement, made jointly by Crossref and the Center for Scientific Integrity, the organization… Read More

Frontiers chooses CCC’s Ringgold Identify Database as Its Persistent Identifier solution -

CCC, a prominent player in advancing copyright, accelerating knowledge, and fostering innovation, has announced a significant collaboration with Frontiers, a leading Gold Open Access (OA) publisher of peer-reviewed scientific articles. Frontiers has selected the acclaimed Ringgold Identify Database as its Persistent… Read More

The United Kingdom joins Horizon Europe Program, marking a milestone in international research collaboration -

Science Europe celebrates the recent agreement of association between the United Kingdom and the Horizon Europe Framework Programme, emphasizing the critical importance of global research collaboration and the potential for further partnerships with eligible third countries, such as Switzerland. Horizon Europe, the European Union's current Framework… Read More

ACS expands its reach with the acquisition of open access management platform, ChronosHub -

The American Chemical Society (ACS), a staunch advocate for open science, has announced the acquisition of ChronosHub, an open access (OA) management platform. ChronosHub will operate as an independent subsidiary alongside ACS Publications, marking a significant step toward enhancing the publication experience for researchers.… Read More

New partnership to drive digital transformation in Independent Education -

Jisc, the UK's leading digital organization dedicated to tertiary education and research, will join forces with Independent Higher Education (IHE) to bolster digital transformation efforts in the independent education sector. Independent Higher Education, the representative body for independent higher education in the UK, has… Read More

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