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American Meteorological Society partners with Sheridan and adopts new workflow solution to integrate production and online hosting -

The American Meteorological Society (AMS) has chosen to streamline and optimise its journal production workflow by partnering exclusively with Sheridan for all stages between accepted manuscripts and online hosting. Sheridan’s unique offering integrates production and online hosting, eliminating the traditional hand-off between the composition vendor and a third party online hosting platform to further accelerate the publishing process.

The new 5-year agreement between AMS and Sheridan, beginning in 2021, adds automated XML composition, web-based author proofing, and a fully integrated online hosting platform to the long-standing production and print services provided by Sheridan. The inclusion of online hosting in the new agreement will result in all of the AMS publications transitioning away from the Silverchair platform (currently provided via Allen Press) to Sheridan in December 2020. With all services and publications now consolidated under one company, with one contract, and one relationship, AMS is poised to contain costs, simplify vendor management, and support accelerated publication for AMS authors.

Entering its second century of service to the meteorological and atmospheric science community, the AMS remains committed to continuous enhancement for its high impact, high quality journals program. The decision to introduce web-based author proofing and editing in conjunction with an integrated hosting platform is another step forward in the ongoing AMS initiative to publish faster and improve the author experience with AMS Journals.

Only Sheridan offers journal production services, printing services, and a wholly owned online hosting platform, enabling the provider to expand its one contract–one company offering to a growing number of association and society publishers.

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