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American Society of Microbiology selects Atypon’s Literatum as new online publishing platform -

The American Society of Microbiology (ASM) has selected Atypon’s Literatum as its new online publishing platform. In addition to its 18 journals, Literatum will also host ASM multimedia, datasets, and supplemental materials.

Literatum will enable ASM to provide new, discipline-specific services for their readers. The platform’s support for any type of taxonomy and precision content-targeting enables personalised content recommendations, advertising, and marketing offers to be delivered automatically to different communities of users, and it facilitates a more productive and satisfying user experience while boosting the impact of ASM’s content.

Literatum will enable ASM Journals to better integrate with the broader ASM digital ecosystem to enhance content discoverability and enable cross-site promotions.

ASM’s new publications website will be designed by the Atypon Design Studio and built using UX 3.0, Atypon’s accelerated website design-and-build system. Atypon sites are mobile responsive and accessible, and designed to enhance the user experience, SEO, and reader engagement.

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