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Baidu Wenku and Thieme Group announce new partnership -

Baidu Wenku and Thieme Group have reached a comprehensive agreement. With Thieme, the first international academic publishing group to cooperate, Baidu Wenku officially starts the new content ecological development in international professional copyright. The two parties will jointly promote content and service, and provide systematic and intelligent services for the publication, dissemination, reading, sharing, purchase and management of international academic resources.

Thieme was founded in 1886 as a publishing house exclusively dedicated to medical and scientific content. To this day Thieme is a leading supplier of information and services contributing to a better medicine and a healthier life. Employing more than 1,000 staff, the family-owned company develops products and services in digital and other media for the medical and chemistry sectors. The agreement covers more than 3,100 books and 316 journals from Thieme, including the journal Planta Medica, which published the very first article of China’s first Nobel Prize winner Professor Tu Youyou in 1982.

After Thieme enters Baidu Wenku, both parties will give full play to meet the needs of professional users for easy access to academic content and services.

In terms of branding, Baidu Wenku provides an "official certification logo" for Thieme journals to enhance the branding and facilitate users' efficient retrieval. At the same time, an "online submission" button is added to direct researchers to the submission page with "one-click" only.

In terms of marketing, with Baidu’s AI marketing tools, traffic enhancement, copyright protection and other capabilities, Thieme will obtain an integrated solution from academic content dissemination, author services to company branding. As of September 2021, Baidu Knowledge Store has more than 400,000 shops, and the total traffic has exceeded 20 billion.

In terms of content cooperation, Thieme and Baidu Scholar reached a cooperation in metadata. Thieme’s academic content is gradually being connected to the Baidu Scholar, and the paper’s full text link will be displayed in the first position of the details page. It will further provide an effective channel for Chinese professors and students and institutional researchers to quickly and efficiently obtain international high-quality academic content.

In recent years, Baidu Wenku has continuously cooperated with authoritative institutions and experts in professional content, and the total amount of professional academic resources on the platform has reached 32 million. With the gradual increase in cooperation with high-quality academic resource institutions, Baidu Knowledge Store will continue to introduce excellent professional operating institutions, integrate resources to give full play to the advantages of Baidu Wenku’s content ecological service, and continuously innovate through communication forms and marketing models to strengthen academic research. Exposure of resources truly realizes ‘making knowledge more valuable.’


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