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BenchSci expands scientists’ access to critical experimental insights -

BenchSci has announced an agreement to analyse world-class research from Taylor & Francis Group’s top scientific journals using advanced biomedical artificial intelligence. This will facilitate scientists’ access to critical experimental insights, empowering them to run more successful experiments and bring new medicine to patients faster.

Over the last decade, pharmaceutical research & development costs have been steadily increasing, while the rate of drug approval has remained roughly constant. In addition to costing more, drug development is taking longer, increasing from about 9.7 years in the 1990s to 10-15 years now. This means it takes longer to bring new treatments to patients.

One underlying cause that is receiving increasing attention is Avoidable Experiment Expenditure (AEE). This refers to inefficiencies and productivity challenges in designing and carrying-out preclinical experiments. Experiments are the foundation of preclinical research and development, but irreproducibility rates in preclinical experiments exceed 50%.

To address the issue, BenchSci uses advanced biomedical artificial intelligence to analyse published scientific papers and related data sources, understand methodology and results, and use this to help scientists design more successful experiments. For example, BenchSci’s AI-Assisted Reagent Selection helps scientists select appropriate reagents, avoiding a cause of more than 36% of irreproducibility.

Taylor & Francis Group’s agreement with BenchSci will improve scientists’ ability to plan their experiments, while increasing discoverability of Taylor & Francis content. Through the agreement, scientists will be able to glean key experimental insights from experiments published in leading journals including Autophagy, and Epigenetics.

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