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Blackboard and Datatel+SGHE announce strategic partnership to integrate Colleague with Blackboard Learn 9.1 -

Enterprise technology and innovative solutions provider Blackboard Inc, US, and Datatel+SGHE have announced a strategic partnership to integrate Colleague with Blackboard Learn 9.1 through Datatel+SGHE’s Intelligent Learning Platform (ILP). The planned integration will make it easier for institutions to manage information from their administrative and academic systems to improve the overall learning experience.

The partnership extends Datatel+SGHE’s vision for the Open Digital Campus to give clients more power to choose the technologies, delivery models, and solutions that fit their unique needs, and Blackboard’s work to establish a more open, interoperable platform that includes full support for the IMS Learning Information services (LIS) standard. The companies also currently offer a standards-based integration for the Blackboard Learn platform and the Banner administrative system.

The planned integration would help to create significant time and cost savings and greater ease of use for clients. Bringing together information from administrative and academic systems makes it easier for them to access data, manage information across campus systems and connect with constituents to improve the overall education experience.

The planned integration leverages the ILP to unify essential teaching and learning functions such as grades, collaboration, and course management. Datatel+SGHE surveys show that institutions that have leveraged ILP to integrate Colleague with their learning management system (LMS) have experienced increases in LMS adoption among their users by up to 48 percent, while eliminating time spent on administrative tasks by up to 33 percent and saving faculty hundreds of hours on grading and administration.

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