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cOAlition S, Jisc, and PLOS collaborate to establish working group beyond article-based charges -

In a joint effort to promote equitable participation in knowledge-sharing and reshape publishing business models, cOAlition S has partnered with Jisc and PLOS to announce the formation of a multi-stakeholder working group. This group, comprising a diverse range of stakeholders, will undertake the crucial task of identifying innovative business models and arrangements that facilitate a more inclusive approach to sharing knowledge.

The initiative garnered remarkable interest, with over 60 applications submitted in response to an open call for participants. The selection process emphasized the need for a balanced representation of stakeholders dedicated to advancing equitable publishing models. Consequently, the following organizations have been invited to join this pivotal group: cOAlition S (represented by Robert Kiley); Jisc (represented by Anna Vernon); PLOS (represented by Roheena Anand); Three representatives from funders; Five representatives from publishers; and Six representatives from libraries and library consortia.

The co-organizers—cOAlition S, Jisc, and PLOS—will also serve as members of the group and assume the role of Chair on a rotating basis.

The initial objective was to appoint up to 12 members, with a roughly equal distribution among the three primary stakeholder categories: funders, libraries/library consortia, and publishers. However, the exceptional quality of the applications led to the final composition of three representatives from funders, five from publishers, and six from libraries/library consortia. While acknowledging the disparities in stakeholder representation, it is believed that the group possesses a well-balanced composition that can effectively fulfill its objectives.

Moreover, the selection process placed an emphasis on global diversity, resulting in a group that includes representatives from Asia, Latin America, North America, Europe, and the UK.

The inaugural meeting of the working group was scheduled for September 14th, marking the commencement of collaborative efforts aimed at advancing equitable knowledge-sharing and innovative publishing models. As the group generates outputs and gains approval for its initiatives, these will be made openly accessible for the benefit of the wider community.

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