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CQ Press implements RSuite to manage complex staff directories content -

Enterprise software vendor RSuite, US, has announced that CQ Press, a division of academic publisher SAGE, has successfully implemented RSuite to manage the latter’s complex staff directories content.

Over the years, CQ Press has added new content to its directories products, acquired other directory publications, and identified the need to shift from a product-based to a topic-based editorial and publishing format. RSuite was selected to manage CQ Press’ XML and related assets and become the company’s single repository for all directory content. Initial testing began with three titles in February 2009. At present, additional titles and 18 users (internal and external) interact with the system and the content feeds CQ Press’ web and many online products.

RSuite is a browser-based content management system that facilitates the creation, management, re-use, and distribution of XML, media files, and other document formats (Word, PDF, InDesign, etc). Powered by MarkLogic Server, it provides native support for XML content storage services, full text search in combination with XQuery, a full suite of editorial capabilities for XML and other content formats, content re-use at many levels, and editorial workflow tools.

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